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MPH Human Factors

Innovation at the Speed of Change

About us


We are a woman veteran-owned business that is more than the sum of its parts. We are leaders and managers, instructors, and always humble learners.


What feeds our collective passion is human connection, and furthermore– the kind of growth and innovation that is possible, whether your team is in rapid flux, or desires positive culture or image change. We acknowledge that positive change must be fueled by science and critical thinking. We will always lead with the true statement that our goal is to learn as much from you, as you from us. 

Everything we do - every project or problem solved, is possible because we have learned to stand on the shoulders of giants, and to carefully assess past performance against clear, achievable goals. We do extensive research to pinpoint the right methodologies, collect targeted data, and report results using advanced analytic tools and visualizations. Then, we combine our findings into practical human-centered solutions that serve you and your company’s needs. We will leverage your organization's already-existing strengths and expertise as we innovate together at the speed of change.


Our Philosophy

Fads and trends emerge and fade. Instantaneous global connectivity has altered what we see as possible, and changed the way we connect with each other.


One thing that never goes out of style is Trust.

We write it with a capital T, because it is at the heart of all business and personal improvement initiatives, and positive progress is built upon a foundation of Trust.

Trust doesn’t mean everyone follows one charismatic leader. Trust manifests itself in small but significant ways. It feels like open lines of communication, two-way feedback, and the open encouragement of questioning attitudes towards norms, practices, rules, and ideas- even if they came from a higher-level leader. Trust is like currency, and gains leaders the traction they need to lead where people want to go. 

What is Just Culture?

In a Just culture, there is a balance between rules-based and real-life initiative-based safety practices. This means living with the fact that not everything can be predetermined or controlled using procedures and rules. The real challenge for any safety-critical business is to find the balance between anticipating the unexpected, finding the root cause of any incidents that do happen, then listening to and Trusting your people.


Certain situations arise where rules cannot be cleanly applied. In these messy moments, experience and training must kick in, and this training is our specialty. We will always lead with the true statement that our goal is to learn as much from you, as you from us. People and their stories are why we do this.

Our philosophy
Female Climber
Helicopter Rescue

What We Can Share:

  • Decades of Collective Teaching and Learning Expertise

  • Data Analytics that Target your company’s needs

  • Human Factors and Safety Experience:

    • Risk management best practices to build a “buffer”

    • Safety Management Systems (SMS) program & policy work

      • Safety & Security Compliance

      • Safety & Security Training

    • Crew Resource Management (CRM) development

    • Threat and Error Management (TEM) expertise

  • Culture Change Guidance for Leaders:

    • Social science-backed assessments and analytics

    • Organizational leadership & team building (DiSC, Denizen)

    • Restorative or disciplinary action tools 

    • Error control feedback techniques

    • Training development for preventative mental healthcare

ht we can share
our stories

Our stories

Corinna's Story

Corinna Owens is the Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAP) manager and Human Factors subject matter expert (SME) at a major airline. Her expertise includes Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Human Factors program development to create industry-leading results.

Michelle's Image

Michelle's story

Michelle P. Hight, PhD, is the owner of MPH Human Factors, LLC. She coordinates this accomplished group of researchers dedicated to finding science-based solutions to organizational and wider social problems. Michelle is passionate about delivering interactive, engaging training, designed to promote positive safety culture and resilient leadership.

Placeholder Image

Stef’s Story

Stephanie G. Fussell, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor and Aeronautics Program Coordinator with Kent State University’s College of Aeronautics and Engineering. Stef is an expert at quantitative analytics and visualization of data.

Placeholder Image

Eline’s Story

Captain Eline Kok is a professional aviator of 11 years, currently working as a Part 142 Full Motion Flight Simulator Instructor for a global aviation training company. Eline is an expert in the field of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity and its ongoing relevance to best practices in CRM.

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