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Eline’s Story

Captain Eline Kok is a professional aviator of 11 years, currently working as a Part 142 Full Motion Flight Simulator Instructor for a global aviation training company. Eline is an expert in the field of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity and its ongoing relevance to best practices in CRM.

Eline’s Story

Over the past several years, Eline operated jet aircraft for a Part 121 Pacific Northwest-based commercial airline as well as a Part 91 / Part 135 corporate flight operation based in Colorado. Eline has developed a passion for facilitating interactive training for over two decades. In recent years, she led a project for a US-based commercial airline developing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training materials for integration into the pilot recurrent Crew Resource Management (CRM) curriculum. She has facilitated training events to hundreds of pilots, as well as trained incoming facilitators on effective facilitation techniques, especially regarding DEI topics.

Eline is a graduate of The Ninety-Nines Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative program, a former Chairman of the San Diego Ninety-Nines, and a former Ninety-Nines Southwest Section Webmaster. She has further volunteered for the EAA Young Eagles, Angel Flight West, and Women in Aviation. She is the author of the article “I always fly by the seat of my pants” on the life of WASP Beverly Beesemyer, published in NGPA’s Contrails Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys pushing her physical limits in the great outdoors. Recently, she summited Mount Baker, USA, and Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

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