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Does your company give surveys, collect vast amounts of data, but lack bandwidth or manpower to make action out of it? Are you still struggling to transform this data into positive change?

We can help.

Reimagined Learning

Want to facilitate impactful, discussion-based training designed to leverage your front-line expertise?

We can help.

Safety Culture Initiatives

Do you want to maximize your company’s strengths, continuing to foster a culture of positive, self-aware employees who understand how important their roles are in safety?

We can help.

Change Navigation

We are business strategy and analytics experts that can help your team through change, growth, mergers and acquisitions, or simply assist you in harnessing the power of analytics, automation and Artificial Intelligence tools to uncover hidden connections between important themes inside vast amounts of data in your organization.

To navigate gracefully and confidently in a world of accelerating change, leaders must make the right choices that motivate:

  • Clarity creation

  • Timely push & pull feedback

  • Attainable goals

  • Connection and motivation

change navigation

Reimagined Learning

We acknowledge that humans are not machines, and that a deep understanding of the way we humans think and learn is a timeless and practical tool for Resilience-building.

We can help by…

  • Maximizing Remote, CBT and in-person modalities for the best retention and behavior effect

  • Acknowledging the importance of the Affective (emotional) side of learning

  • Revealing new teaching and learning techniques that create value and impact

    • Empowering instructors to deliver far more effective forms of training

    • Building skills:

      • Analytical

      • Critical Thinking

      • Strategic Thinking

      • Communication

      • Teamwork

      • Leadership​

Reimagined Learning

Safety Culture Initiatives

  • Developing Resilience (fatigue, stress, risk management)

  • Demonstrating a commitment to caring for people first

  • Delivering needs-based, tailored team building:

    • Crafting meaningful discussion modules (importantly, training your own instructors on these techniques)

    • Collecting Data that is built on a foundation of Trust

    • Creating Succession plans

    • Executing Culture Surveys

    • Facilitating Team Building using DiSC Assessment

  • Arming your company with project management solutions through HFACS and HFIX

  • Enabling positive Safety culture studies and initiatives

Safety culture
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