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Corinna's Story

Corinna Owens is the Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAP) manager and Human Factors subject matter expert (SME) at a major airline. Her expertise includes Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Human Factors program development to create industry-leading results.

Corinna's Story

A two-time liver transplant recipient, Corinna published a book in 2022 about her medical journey, (Whose Liver is This…), intended as a resource for other young adults who find themselves in unimaginable medical trauma situations.

This combination of industry and life experience, and the blessings of superior mentorship has helped develop Corinna's skills as a Mindfulness/Resilience Coach and Human Factors and Safety Facilitator.

The significance of the rate of growth in the industry does not escape Corinna, nor the importance of instilling strong foundations of knowledge, safety lessons learned, and a leading-edge mindset in the upcoming generations of aviation professionals. Corinna's role on the MPH Human Factors team is as SME on key Human Factors tenets that help combat challenges faced in the present industry climate - especially as it relates to pilot mental health. Her education in Human Factors in Aviation Safety Systems (MS, ERAU, 2021), along with professional experience have equipped her with a solid understanding of the aviation field and a dedication to promoting excellence in aviation education.

Outside the office, Corinna is actively flying toward a commercial pilot rating and beginning her research to pursue a doctorate degree. Corinna embraces the beach lifestyle, currently splitting time between work in Oahu and family in Florida.

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